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Transhaping is a non-binary inclusive transgender awareness platformer game. You play as a shape who is struggling to accept who they are. The player gets to experience the shape find themselves and go through their journey of transition, and tackle many struggles along the way. The player can choose the characters transition and pronouns from the start of the game. The game itself features side-scrolling platforming and puzzle elements along with stealth game elements based around managing stress/dysphoria. As the player goes through the game their journey will unravel with a narrator overseeing the events and with the player character encountering other characters during their story.

The game features a mostly linear narrative experience as the main game which sees the player character realise who they are and transition into who they truely are stage by stage. This mode features several difficulty options so people who just want the story can have a stress free experience. There is also an extra local co-operative mode which sees a new set of stages and challenges for the players to overcome requiring them to work together.
This game is brought to you by a new mostly trans development team who want to show and provide some support for the trans community as well as create a game that can be enjoyed anyone interested in a narrative experience.

This game features a large original soundtrack of dynamic music composed by a collection of talented musicians:
Benny James: Benny James 333950723 on Sound cloud
Oscar Joseph: Oscarjoesph on Band Camp
Quinn Wolf: Backwardsflow on Sound Cloud
Ashlyn Frost: Ashieramusic on Sound Cloud
Sophie Hamilton: sophira on hearthis.at

Voice acted by:
Jay Thaiyod: LioryVA on Youtube


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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